Thursday, November 17, 2011

MAC Week 4-BP4: Think-Out-Loud PPP

My Capstone Project began in January 2011 (month one of the Education Media Design and Technology /EMDT - MS program) with assurances from our instructor that our confusion and apprehension would dissipate as the months rolled on. We were essentially told not to worry, all would be revealed, and it was. Now in month eleven we our finalizing our projects and it has been a wonderful, life changing experience. My project’s big idea was motivation. I looked at how to motivate teachers to infuse web 2.0 tools and technologies in an effort to motivate and engage their students. The target audience consisted of six African American university instructors who teach mainly African American students. They researched the web tools/technologies, selected those that they thought would benefit their curriculum and implemented them into their classes. They also taught culturally relevant material (meaning Africa and African history and culture that has historically been changed, distorted, and deliberately omitted or trivialized). Infusing web tools and technologies to enhance the culturally relevant material and their enthusiasm resulted in their motivation and the motivation and engagement of the students. This project can serve as a stepping-stone for others who teach, especially in urban settings, as a way to better engage and motivate their students. It can serve as a way to get students involved and invested in their own learning process.

MAC Week 2-BP4: Think-Out-Loud PPP

MAC Week 3-BP4: Think-Out-Loud PPP

Week 4: Google Doc PPP

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