Friday, November 18, 2011

MAC Week 4-BP3: Comment 2 / Chuck

Week 4 blog post on The Art of Possibility

Chapter 9, Lighting a Spark was an interesting read, it discussed the possibility of generating a spark in someone else.  It may be to do something you want them to do, or it may be something that they should do.  In any event, it is the art of planting a seed, of lighting the first candle; of taking and having others take with you the first step.  A “no” may be a “no” but it should never extinguish your spark.  If someone does not want to participate with what you want him or her to do, you need to go onto the next.  

Chapter 10 dealt with “Being the Board”.  This chapter was somewhat confusing to me.  I understand the concept of wanting to take control over your life, but I found it confusing.  I will read it again and hopefully it will mean more to me.

Creating Frameworks for Possibility that is chapter 11 discusses great people who had a vision of the future and was willing to put all at risk.  People who are not willing to accept anything other then the best from themselves and the world.  They inspire people with passion instead of moving them with fear.  I found the story of the little girl and the teacher to be inspiring.  That teacher was not willing to let the little girl get harmed because of her lack of hair, so she changed the whole story in one night.

Telling the “We” story (chapter 12) is a great read, it discusses changing the story from me or I to us or we.  I may be the leader of the group, but we all share in the good and the bad.  All too often people spend their time trying to make themselves look good, stepping on people to get ahead.  People need to understand that if they bring everyone up, everyone moves up.  I had a boss 25 years ago, who inspired people to be the best they could be by using this type of thinking.  He was a master and a great man.  I recently spoke with him and it was great.  To this day, if I had a chance to work with him again, I would move to Los Angeles to work by his side.

Rosetta Cash said...

Chuck I totally agree with your comment: “A “no” may be a “no” but it should never extinguish your spark.” It is challenging to keep that spark going but oh so necessary. You and I seemed to gravitate to the same areas in the reading. What I took away from “being the board” is that we have to sometimes look at ourselves as the game board and see how others are placed in our lives and why we have them where they are. Are they in the right place, or should they be moved or shuffled to make improvements?

The story of the girl and teacher is a good example from Chapter 11, using compassion to enhance your passion to help make positive change is a novel concept. I agree with you that we are so used to operating from fear instead of from passion. Passion is a much better starting point.

The “We” chapter reminded me of our class. For the last eleven months we have worked together, supporting each other, critiquing each other, laughing and sharing our experiences. As a result we have managed to get each other to this most exciting point in our lives and have learned so much from each other. I have several people in my life who inspire everyone to be their best and to always do their best work. A few of them are now Ancestors but the others are still around and I like to think that I am one.

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