Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MAC Week 2-BP2: Comment 1 / Lara


MAC blog post #5: week 2 reading

The book The Art of Possibility is an interesting approach to changing one's thinking to create positivity in one's life. So far, I am most struck by the chapter on the "invented-ness" of our reality. I enjoy the idea that by understanding the nature of our perception, we can change it to be free from the limitations we impose and the judgements of others. Several very simple analogies and illustrations are given on these points. I am interested to discover how one frees oneself from some of the more concrete pressures associated with limitations, such as inadequate income. The idea of "contributing" rather than "achieving" is liberating in and of itself.

Rosetta Cash said...

Lara, I too find the book interesting. They have taken positive thinking to another level. Having students examine how they think and relate to the rest of the world and then to change their thinking so that it is more positive and upbeat in an effort to get a more positive outcome. The art of reinvention. You bring up a good point when you factored in how people with the limitations of an inadequate income can free themselves following their analogies. It is difficult to free yourself when you’re worrying about how to pay the bills.

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