Friday, October 28, 2011

MAC Week 1-BP2: Comment 1


MAC Blog post #1

When I started watching the documentary and the opening segment starred Girl Talk, I was very excited! I absolutely love his All Day mix and have run miles of trail listening to it. I have often wondered if or how he obtained permission from all of the artists he sampled. I downloaded the track for free, and I guess I figured if he is not making money from it, he is in the clear. I also thought that it is similar to being in a club with a DJ who samples and mixes at his/her own will. But I suppose this falls under the "improvisational" category of what cannot be copyrighted. It also occurred to me that the artists sampled would be flattered and appreciative of the quality of the product.
As an art teacher I require visual images and examples for nearly everything I do and teach. Before I had an interactive white board in my room, I bought hundreds of mini art reproductions (of very poor quality) and laminated them. Now, if I want to teach a lesson on Miro, I grab an internet image and put it up on the Activboard. I also save these lessons with images in them (like Powerpoints) for future use. It is still somewhat of a grey area for me as to whether this is ok.  If it is a famous artist whose work I am displaying, I am obviously giving proper credit to the artist, but often I use images that simply illustrate a point or concept, without concern necessarily for the creator. I continue to hope that I am protected if I am using images for educational purposes.

Rosetta Cash said...

Hi Lara! The lines of legality are difficult to read in these instances. As educators, especially when it comes to written material we are very careful to warn our students against plagiarism and it’s repercussions. But that tends to be as far as we go when it comes to copyrights. From the materials we’ve read and viewed it would seem that you are protected by the “Fair Use” guidelines because you are using the images for educational purposes, you are not changing the images, you acknowledge and give the artist credit, and you are not trying to sell the images.

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